We use the latest technology, to help you live as independently as you can in your own home. We will make an individual assessment of your home environment and personal circumstances, to determine which items of equipment would help you to feel safer, happier and more independent.

Our equipment is:

  • Easily installed and discreet with little or no wiring
  • Designed to be as convenient for you as possible
  • Designed to make the day-to-day a bit easier.

Digital Care Alarm

Nottingham on Call GO!

Pendant Alarm

Key Safe

Bed / Chair Sensor

Easy Press Adapter

Flashing Strobe

Smoke Detector

Movement Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Fall Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Standalone equipment

We also have a range of equipment available, which is not linked to our call centre, but can still help you to live independently at home. This includes:

Home Safety Alert

Memory Clock


Motion Detector Night Light

Equipment linked to a lifeline

All the equipment available to link to your lifeline base unit can be purchased as part of our packages or on their own, depending on the combination of equipment you need. Prices for these items are available on request. The stand alone-equipment at the bottom of the page is not linked through the care-alarm service, however the equipment can be purchased directly through the service – prices feature with each item.

The lifeline base unit – what happens if I activate the device?

Once the device has been activated – (for example, the emergency button has been pressed or a sensor has been triggered), our operators will:

  • Respond to your call and remain on the line with you until help arrives
  • Contact a family member
  • Contact emergency services or send our mobile responder, if required.   

To listen to a real call, listen to the video below to see how our team dealt with Fred, who had a fall in his bungalow. 



What if I don’t have a phone line installed in my home?

Our standard offer is for a digital care alarm to be installed in your home. This can either be a digital base unit plugged in a convenient place for where you need it - this has SIM cards included to transmit any alerts over the mobile networks. Various sensors can be linked to this base unit. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a mobile digital alarm - the Nottingham on Call ‘GO.' This is battery operated and also transmits alerts via a SIM and the mobile networks.