Support Local After Lockdown

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Our local businesses need us!

We are slowly finding our way out of lockdown and doesn't it feel good?

After six months of lockdown life, small, local businesses have really taken a hit. How many of your local shops and services have you seen struggling or even worse close due to the Coronavirus pandemic? 


Local green grocers, hairdressers, and independents have been faced with difficult times and hard decisions. 


The businesses that have made it through the lockdown period aren't all out of the woods just yet. They need the support of their local communities to help get them back on track.


The large supermarket chains have done well over lockdown. They've had the monopoly even more so than usual with the option to deliver to your homes. 


What can we do to help?

It's quite simple really, and there are different ways we can support our local businesses and services. 

Shop local is the first way we can all help. Instead of heading to that big chain supermarket, maybe think about picking up your groceries from local stores. This may mean a little more effort to visit more than one shop but if you have time and the means to then why not?

Every single customer is valuable to a small local business so never underestimate that. You popping in to grab your loaf of bread from an independent bakery rather than the supermarket, will mean to world to that business owner and their employees. 

Let's remember, it isn't just the businesses losing out. They often have employees relying on them for their living. This pandemic has impacted on thousands in this way and so anything we can do to help is appreciated. 


Local care services

Having a local care service like Nottingham On Call can also be a benefit to you. Your safety is paramount to us and this is where our local team are so vital. 

If you have a fall in your home, feel unwell or have a concern, you can press your pendant alarm to alert your care service. 

If your care service is a national company with national call centres, they will speak to you immediately from their call centre. They can then arrange help for you from there, whether that be calling an ambulance or family member to attend. 

We recently saw a story about a poor lady who had a fall in her home. She wasn't injured but was unable to get up off the floor. 

Her national care team spoke to her straight away to ensure she wasn't badly hurt. Once they knew she was technically unhurt they had no choice but to call for an ambulance. 

Because their call centre was far from this lady's home and she had no-one who could go to assist her, they had no other choice. 

However, because she wasn't classed as an emergency, this poor lady was left lying on her floor for eight hours. 

How is Nottingham On Call different?

At Nottingham On Call our call centres are local in the City. Not only that, we have our response team who are out and about across the city during the day and night. They can respond to calls for assistance. 

So for example, if this same lady from above had taken ill or fallen and was supported by Nottingham On Call, one of our team could respond. 

When she pressed her pendant alarm, the local call centre would have spoken to her immediately just like her care team did. 

However, when they assessed that she wasn't hurt, instead of calling for an ambulance, one of our local response team could have gone straight out to her to assist. 

This would have meant this lady would have been helped in no time at all and could potentially have been prevented from being made ill from spending so much time on the floor. It would have also meant that she wouldn't have been alone and would have felt taken care of that little bit more. 

This would have also meant one less call to the emergency services freeing them up to focus on the urgent cases.

If you are in the Nottingham area and would like support from a local care team, we can help. Get in touch to see how we can help you and to talk about our different packages. 

Speak to one of our friendly team on 0115 746 9010.