Reassurance on the GO!

The GO! personal alarm has been one of the most innovative pieces of equipment we offer to date. After 18 months of offering this device, the feedback has been nothing but good from our GO! customers.

The GO! is small and discreet. Worn around the neck, it will work literally anywhere and allow you to get out and about with confidence.

If you are out and take ill or need help for any reason, you can simply press the button on it to contact our call centre. Within seconds one of our team will speak to you directly through the device and you will be able to speak back to them and explain what you need help with.

If for some reason the wearer doesn’t respond, the call centre team can use GPS to locate where you are and get help to you as quickly as possible. (The GPS function only works once the GO! is activated.)

Another really clever feature the GO! has is a built-in falls detector. If you were to take a hard fall when out, the device will detect this and automatically connect you to our call centre team who can again speak to you and assist you if needed.

The GO! has given our customers so much more freedom. One of our customers, Lesley said:

“I used to be scared about leaving the house, especially on my own. My daughter arranged for me to try this new device from Nottingham On Call.

"At first I was nervous as didn’t know if it would work but I actually had to use it one day when I was out. I took a tumble on my way back from the shops and within a few seconds one of the call centre team was talking to me and asking if I was ok.

“Luckily I was fine on this occasion but it made me realise just how valuable this tiny device is! I have no idea how it works but I know that it does and it’s given me a new lease of life!”

The GO! is not only for when you leave the house. We already have our lifelines for in the home with the base unit, however this relies on being able to hear the device which may be far away if you are in another room or upstairs.

If you are hard of hearing or maybe out in the garden for example, the GO! might work better for you as the device will be around your neck so much closer making it easy to hear and speak to the team.

If the GO! sounds like something you or a loved one could benefit from then get in touch today by calling 0115 746 9010 or by emailing