Frequently asked questions about the digital switchover and how NOC are responding

Frequently asked questions about the UK digital switch over and how NOC are responding


The UK’s telephone network is going digital and it's possibly the biggest social project in the UK for many years. The old network will be completely switched off by the end of 2025 and so we want to help you understand what will be happening and answer any questions you may have.


These changes will affect everyone who has a landline they'd like to keep using and soon these will work via a broadband connection instead.


Below are some of the big questions we think need answering but if you have others then do get in touch, we want to help you understand the changes and what they will mean for you.


What is Digital Voice? 


Digital voice services are the future of landlines – they work using broadband connections rather than copper phone lines.

You may also hear digital voice services referred to as 'VoIP', 'IP voice' and other branded versions such as 'Sky Voice' or 'TalkTalk Voice’.


What does PSTN mean? 


PSTN stands for public switched telephone network – it's the copper phone network that delivers analogue landline phone services. The plan is for it to be switched off at the end of 2025 and for all landline services to be offered digitally.



Why are traditional phone services being taken away? 


While its physical infrastructure remains similar to when it was installed, our communication needs have changed immensely. Alongside this, broadband connections rely increasingly on fibre optic networks. These not only offer faster speeds than copper but are also more reliable, more resilient and easier to maintain.


When will my landline be switched off?


Your landline provider will get in touch with you when it's coming to the time for you to migrate.

At Nottingham On Call we now install digital home care alarm systems so that  our new customers are on the new digital systems and we are beginning the process of switching over existing customers so that everyone is digital way in advance of the switch off date.


What are the benefits of the move to digital voice services? 


As well as the infrastructure benefits, it also offers benefits such as clearer calls, the ability to make multiple calls simultaneously and the possibility of accessing your landline in other locations. 

In time, it will also allow telephone providers to develop tools to better protect their customers against scam and nuisance calls. 



Dave Miles, Nottingham On Call’s Development Manager said:


“At Nottingham On Call, our customers are our main priority which is why we have been working on the digital switch over project for a while now. We are ensuring the switch over process is seamless and all of our customers continue to be supported 24/7, 365 days a year.”


If you still have questions or are concerned about anything to do with the digital switch over then get in touch on 0115 746 9010.