NOC praised nationally for best practice!

Nottingham on Call is proud to provide an excellent quality service to Nottinghamshire citizens, keeping them safe, independent and helping them to enjoy life as much as possible. 

We are always delighted to receive positive customer feedback. For example, we recently heard from Amanda in Nottingham, who told us: "I had Nottingham On Call out to install the Go lifeline for my Dad. Excellent customer service from Alan and Richard who explained everything to my Dad and Myself and checked my Dad knew how to use it and encouraged him to test it, to make sure”.  

Nottingham on Call has also been held up nationally for its good practice - in fact we have two examples of this from recent online events. 

We were first featured as a case study on a virtual conference around how Technology Enabled Care can support hospital discharge. Care alarm provider, Chiptech International, highlighted the excellent service being provided to patients in Nottingham's hospitals. In partnership with social care, we have been able to ensure safe and timely discharges from hospital, freeing up bed space and getting people back to the comfort of their own home.

How do we do it?

The patient is provided with a pre-set alarm, which has already been programmed to work as soon as they get home. The patient or their support network can plug in the alarm to listen to the audio guide, taking them through the set-up and testing process, so they can be reassured that the alarm has been set up right and is working.

This means the patient can be safe and supported from the moment they arrive home and the alarm is plugged in, rather than being delayed in hospital whilst an installation is booked in.

Want to know more about this process? See our blog from earlier this year.


Secondly, we were asked to take part in a survey commissioned by NHSX around the changes to service delivery that are seeing organisations like NOC provide digital support for social care and health services.

Nottingham on Call was one of the few assistive technology services (alarm providers) asked to take part in the survey. We were selected to take part due to our growing reputation for providing an excellent service; and for the progress we have made in preparing for digital transformation.

Dave Miles, Nottingham in Call Development Manager, took part in the hour long survey discussion. He answered a range of questions about how Nottingham on Call supports citizens and manages the partnership working with Nottingham City Council adult social care, to improve support for citizens and service delivery. He also answered questions on how we are were progressing with the digital transformation, required by 2025. 

The NHSX survey, carried out with a range of organisations involved in delivering assistive technology, is intended to shape how NHSX can provide support and funding in the future to ensure that citizens can get the best care through assistive technology. It also looks at how these services can compliment any social care or health services/support they may need.

More information on how we are meeting digital transformation is coming soon,  so keep an eye on the website!