NOC praised by independent auditors

Nottingham on Call has been praised by the TSA for its approach to handling the global pandemic and its forward planning for the 2025 digital switchover.

The TSA (formerly the Telecare Services Association) confirmed NOC has passed its service quality audit this week.

 Thumbs up

The audit report focussed on NOC’s response to the Coronavirus crisis and how it adapted to ensure the service to customers was not disrupted. It said: ‘NOC demonstrated all elements required for the review were met and that the Service has developed appropriate plans to continue to provide their service during the Coronavirus Pandemic’.

 Antony Dixon, Head of Nottingham on Call, said: “The global pandemic presented us with a number of challenges, as it did for all businesses. However, we are a 24 hour, seven days a week service, which meant we had to keep going, minimising disruption throughout.

“We placed huge emphasis on ensuring that our customers did not receive a reduced service, while protecting our staff and customers alike. I’m delighted that our efforts have been recognised by an independent organisation and incredibly proud of the team for their resilience and commitment during what has been a difficult year for everyone.”

Auditors also commented on the service’s forward planning for the 2025 PSTN switch off. The switch off will mean the UK no longer operates analogue phone lines. Much like the TV aerial digital switchover, all households and businesses will need to adjust to the change. A service like Nottingham on Call, which currently uses analogue phone lines to operate its standard alarm service, must be prepared well in advance. The TSA praised NOC for being so advanced in its plans, looking ahead to how it will gradually move the service over to digital over the next four years.

Antony continued: “The PSTN switch off is a huge change for our service and so it’s important for us to be prepared and plan ahead. It’s again pleasing to have our plans praised by the TSA, as it goes to confirm our hopes that we are on target to deal with the digital switchover in 2025.”