Mobile care is now available!

Did you know mobile care is now available to new and existing Nottingham on Call customers?

What is mobile care?

Good question! Many of you will now have heard about elderly care alarms in our homes. Our personal care alarm and monitoring service is now working for thousands of customers across Nottingham. It enables you to alert us if you have a fall, are feeling particularly unwell, or have injured yourself.

We’re very proud of our service. But it doesn’t enable you to alert us if you find yourself in trouble outside the home. That is until now.

We now have a range of mobile care devices which give you peace of mind and reassurance when you’re out and about.

What do mobile care devices do?

The devices range from:

  • Doro Basic – a very basic mobile phone, with just a few buttons, a GPS tracker and an alert if you leave an agreed ‘safe zone’.
  • Doro Smart – a basic smartphone, with a special button to alert us, a GPS tracker and an alert if you leave an agreed ‘safe zone’.
  • A basic mobile device with a built-in SOS button, which can contact us at any time. It also has a falls detector, a small screen, so it can be used like a pager. It is also small enough to wear on a lanyard.
  • A specially designed Nottingham on Call App, which you can add to your existing android smartphone. It will enable you to contact us instantly if you need us. It will also use the GPS locater on your phone to tell us where you are.

This could be a game changer for so many people. These devices can be particularly helpful with people who may be starting with early onset dementia. The ability to set an agreed ‘safe zone’ is an excellent tool. This can alert us if you have left your safe zone, and we can contact you directly or let your family know.

Each mobile care device is also built to alert your next of kin if the battery is running low.

The prices for mobile care start from as little as £2.50 per week. Come and give us a call, and we can have a chat about whether you might benefit from using our mobile care devices. 0115 746 9010 or email us: