'It's my lifeline' - Fred Brimble

Top Valley resident, Fred Brimble, has been relying on the Nottingham on Call and its service for years. He says “it’s my lifeline.”

Fred lost his wife a few years ago and has since been living alone. Now in his eighties, Fred is living with a number of health conditions. He has vertigo and macular degeneration that cause him several concerns. These conditions affect his balance and can cause him to fall at home and on the steps that access his home. He is still determined to live independently and for as long as he is able. With the support of Nottingham on Call and nearby friends, he manages to do this with peace of mind. He knows that someone will always be there. 

“It is nice to have it here,” said Fred. “I have collapsed three times at home. I have also fell down the steps outside twice. It’s been so handy to just press this, and know that there’s somebody at the other end.”

When Fred falls, or is feeling unwell, he is just able to press his alarm pendant. A member of the Nottingham on Call team will be able to talk to him through the system’s base unit. They will be able to establish what sort of help Fred needs. If for some reason they can’t hear him, or get a response, they’ll get urgent help to him. 

Fred added: “It’s my lifeline. It’s a very very good service. I would be lost without it, and that’s the truth.” 

Can Nottingham On Call help you?

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