Helping Grandparents live at home for longer

Helping grandparents live at home for longer is one of the main aims here at Nottingham On Call.

We have recently been out and about into the local community and last week visited the children at Woodthorpe Infant School in Arnold. We aim to spread the word about how we help grandparents to live at home for longer and feel safe.

Two of our team spent an afternoon at the school. Dave and Olivia spent time showing the year three class lots of equipment used to support our residents.

Why are we doing this?

Our team wants to speak to children about the work we do because it is important they know their grandparents can get help. They explained how we can help elderly people in their community. The team also talked about how this could help their own Grannies and Grandpas.

Olivia from Nottingham On Call said: “The children were really interested. In particular they were keen to interact with the pieces of equipment we took with us and had a lot of fun. They asked plenty of questions about how we help older people and keep them safe. It was great to share the work that we do with the younger generation.”

The team took time to go through how we help if an older person has a fall or becomes ill in their home. They showed them lots of devices used in homes that use modern technology and this was particularly impressive to the class!

The children were shown our Falls Lifting Service scheme and how this can help. It helps their grandparents off the floor if they were to fall which they thought was a great idea!

Dave from Nottingham On Call said: “Visits to schools like this are really great educational experiences for the younger generation. It shows them how we could help their own family members who struggle in their home.”

If you have a loved one who would benefit from support to continue living independently in their own home then get in touch.