Getting out and about with the GO!

Are you starting to lose confidence when you go out on your own? Or, are you concerned about a family member or friend? Don't worry, that's not unusual. And it's not always just about getting older. Some people worry about being on their own due to mobility issues or anxiety - there's so many reasons. And we can help! 

At Nottingham on Call we have been working for some time on a mobile care product that works for our customers that still go out and about on their own. Whether it's a walk with the dog, a visit to a friend or a trip to the shops. If you're still physically active, you'll probably leave the home on your own quite a bit.

The question is, do you feel confident to do this alone? 

We totally understand if you're a bit unsure. A number of our customers have spoken to us about feeling safe at home, with their Nottingham on Call pendant. But when they leave the house, they don't have the same peace of mind. Similarly, we speak to a lot of people who are concerned about their parents and grandparents, particularly when they're out and about.

We have the answer!

We now have the GO! mobile care alarm and it's a real game changer. 

It can be worn as a pendant, or added to your keyring. It has a range of features, designed to ensure that if you press the button, wherever you are, we will be able to speak to you, find your location and if needs be, we can send help. 

One of our Team Leaders, Jon Peel, shows in this video just how the GO! works when you're out and about.  

Don't forget!

If you're in Nottinghamshire (within half an hour's drive from our head office in Nottingham city) and you have a non-medical emergency, a member of our local response service can come out to you.

If you're away, visiting family, or just outside of the local response area, don't worry. Your alarm will work, wherever you are in the UK, and if you need help we can alert nearby emergency services or family members. 


Features of the GO!

  • Two way speech – this means you can speak and listen to the call centre wherever you are, as soon as you press your alarm, it will ring through to one of our local advisers. You will be able to hear them, and they will hear you. 


  • Falls detection – this will automatically raise an alert with the call centre if you have a hard fall. An operator will try to talk to you once they receive an alert, to check you are ok. If they don't hear your response, they will immediately send help.


  • GPS location – the call centre will know where you are if you are not able to tell them. The tracker that is built into your alarm means we can tell a family member or friend where you are, if they are nearby. Or, our unique local response service can send someone out to help you. In the event of a medical emergency, we can send an ambulance to your location. 


  • 1–2 months battery life – this is dependent on usage, but you will get a warning when the battery is low with up to two days battery life left, and you can then use the simple wireless charger provided.