Cowboy builders preying on the elderly is a common problem

Cowboy builders are preying on the elderly on their own doorsteps and it is becoming more and more common.

The Telegraph recently reported on a man in Sunderland who has been jailed for two years. He only left the prison two weeks prior to conning twelve elderly people out of their money.

This is sadly becoming more and more common across the country. People are preying on the elderly and getting away with huge sums of money. They will come to your door and claim to be workmen looking for jobs and will normally suggest a job they could do to improve your home. Maybe they tell you your driveway needs doing, your roof needs replacing or your garden needs some work.

This particular man would con his victims out of hundreds of pounds before carrying out any work on their driveways or property. They would then never return to complete the work.

What can I do to feel safe at home?

At Nottingham On Call we have a piece of equipment call a Bogus Caller Alarm. If you ever feel threatened or nervous about someone at your door, you can press this. It is a silent alarm that when pressed, alerts our team. The team can listen in to the conversation through the device and send help if needed. They can send the Police if they feel it is appropriate.

Some of the people committing these crimes can come across very friendly and kind. They may try to convince you that they mean well and they are helping you out. They may even tell you that they are doing a really good deal for you!

A good tip if you are concerned in any way is to ask them for their ID. Check who it is they are working for and give the company a call. If they are genuine, they will be more than happy for you to do this. If they aren’t genuine, they may not even have any ID.

However, don’t get caught out! They may show you some ID and tell you to call a number they give you. This might be a false number that connects to one of their friends. Instead, try to find the number for the company yourself or better still, turn them away all together.

If you require any work doing to your property or garden, you are better to seek out a company yourself rather than using the services of someone who turns up on your doorstep.

If you want to speak to us about our services and how we could help you feel safer at home, call us on 0115 746 9010.