Change for social care is coming

Time for social care to change

Change for social care is coming and we couldn't be happier about it. Social care has long been neglected by the government but the pandemic has exposed issues within the system and finally we may get the positive change we need.

Change for social care is the big talking point at the moment within the government.

Social care is an essential part of all of our lives, and has transformed millions of people's lives. However, it has often been consider a problem and a cost to the state. In reality, we all at some point are likely to use it.

Not only that, the social care sector is massive for the economy. In the UK hundreds of thousands of people seek employment within the sector.

For decades now the social care sector has been neglected and pushed aside by the government. The much needed link between the NHS and the social system has never been fully established.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this lack of link between the two systems has been exposed and become more evident.

Early on in the crisis, things like the lack of PPE provided to the care sector was shocking. The statistics of people being sent back to their care homes from hospital, before being tested was unacceptable.

Human Cost of Covid-19 in the social care sector

The human cost of Covid-19 in our sector has been heart breaking. The dedication and professionalism of staff in care homes, the community and independent living schemes has been outstanding. These people chose to put their lives on the line to take care of others. Our care staff cared for the countries most vulnerable and sadly some paid the ultimate price.

Changes for social care

The government has admitted to not handing the social sector well during this pandemic. So now we need to see action off the back of this.

Adass (Directors of Adult Social Services) last week published its Nine Steps to Shaping Adult Social Care. You can read the full document here

It states there needs to initially be a public conversation around what is needed in the sector. There has to be a discussion around what needs to be done to enable people who need care to lead a good life.

It goes on to talk about locally assessing individual needs. It states these assessments need to be person-led rather than organisation led.

One of the very interesting points was about the use of technology. There should be a focus on ensuring that older and disabled people, families, carers and staff have access to the digital and technological solutions that will benefit them. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the speed with which we can adapt to change. A crucial part of our learning has been around the adoption, uptake and normalisation of technological and digital solutions.

During the pandemic many things have had to move online across lots of sectors including care. Digital technology has been introduced to help organisations continue to offer support to people in their homes.

Nottingham On Call and technology

At Nottingham On Call we were already working closely on maximising the use of technology to help support our customers in their homes. This gave us more opportunity to use our current technological systems to support more of our customers and keep them safe. 

We are also currently exploring new and exciting solutions to be able to support a wider range of customer needs. These include being able to offer support out side of the home as well as inside. Keep an eye on our social media and website for more announcements about these new innovations soon.

We hope that these changes in the sector will help us and other organisations to feel more supported and connected. We want to be able to improve our links with the NHS so we can work seamlessly to support our communities to improve the lives of those needing care.

If you or a loved one could benefit from 24 hour on call care in their own home then please contact us today on 0115 746 9010. Alternatively you can read all about the support packages we offer.