Captain Tom Moore raises millions!

Captain Tom Moore, a 99 year old man has done something incredible for the NHS. The veteran has raised millions of pounds for our wonderful NHS.

Mr Moore of Bedfordshire UK is due to turn 100 at the end of April. He decided that he wanted to do something to show his appreciation to the NHS.

His initial target that he set himself was to raise £1,000. He planned to walk the length of his garden 100 times before he turns 100! Yes before he turns 100! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this!

He reached his target of £1,000 in less than 24 hours. Within one week of starting the fund raiser, Tom Moore had raised £455,000!

Once word began to get around about what the 99 year old Bedfordshire veteran was doing, donations began flooding in.

What a man!

Captain Tom Moore served in World War 2 and risked his life for the lives of us all. He believes that is now what the NHS front line staff are doing and so wanted to do what he could to help. Little did he know he would become a country wide sensation!

On 14th April, he appeared on breakfast show Good Morning Britain. Piers Morgan told his story and interviewed Tom from his home in Bedfordshire. Piers surprised Tom by donating £10,000 of his own money to his efforts which overwhelmed the war hero.

This TV appearance increased the donations coming in to the point where it crashed Tom’s fundraising web page! The page has now raised over £6 million and Tom couldn’t be happier.

He said: “I set out to raise £1000 for the NHS as I truly they are putting their lives on the line for us. I can’t believe how generous everybody has been and am overwhelmed with the amount we have raised. We will get through this together!”

I think Tom may be receiving a lot of 100th birthday cards at the end of the month, don’t you?

What a wonderful uplifting story from one of our war heroes.

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