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October 2020

NOC continues to improve knowledge on Telecare!

Over a dozen Nottingham on Call staff members have taken part in an online training course to expand their knowledge of Technology Enabled Care.

Feedback from our customers

The family of one of our wonderful customers wrote a letter of thanks to us after the sad passing of their Father. When Mr Archer passed away recently after living with Alzheimer's for the past few years, his son Stephen wanted to write to Nottingham On Call to thank them directly.

NOC praised by independent auditors

Nottingham on Call has been praised by the TSA for its approach to handling the global pandemic and its forward planning for the 2025 digital switchover.

The Go! is here..and we think you're going to love it!

GO! is one of the first pendant alarms of its kind in the UK. Where most alarms are based in the home, this allows its user to go wherever they want, with peace of mind.

September 2020

Support Local After Lockdown

We are slowly finding our way out of lockdown and doesn't it feel good? After 6 months of lockdown life, small, local businesses have really taken a hit. How many of your local shops and services have you seen struggling or even worse close due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

August 2020

Change for social care is coming

Change for social care is coming and we couldn't be happier about it.

Coming out of shielding

Coming out of shielding this weekend will be on many people's minds? Do you have concerns and anxieties about it?

July 2020

A day in the life of a telecare call operator

A day in the life of a telecare call operator is never really the same. Our team at Nottingham on Call works incredibly hard to support all our customers. And all calls are different.

Calls top more than 61,000 in May and June

Despite the UK lockdown in May and June, Nottingham on Call’s fantastic contact centre team has handled over 61,000 alarm activations! And they’ve answered nearly every call within 60 seconds!

June 2020

Home support packages - are you considering one?

Home support packages can be daunting to think about. Especially if you are living alone. In this blog we want to discuss some different reasons why you might choose one of our packages.

Gadgets from the past - can you remember them?

Gadgets from the past. Do you remember any of these gadgets? We are venturing back in time to look at gadgets from the past and what has replaced them. But how many of these can you remember?

Arthritis - what is it and how to manage it

Arthritis can be life changing. It can be painful and debilitating. However, there are things you can do to help make living with arthritis far more comfortable and manageable.

Protect your skin from the sun this summer time

Protect your skin from the sun this summer and July is UV Safety Month. So let’s talk about sun safety as we approach this month and begin to enjoy out Great British summer.

May 2020

Eating healthily is important, but how do we do it?

Eating healthily can not only be a challenge but often can be confusing. There are many myths around different foods and eating habits. We want to help clear up some of these myths so you can eat well and feel great.

Business is back to a new normal

Business is back to a ‘new’ normal and we want to talk you through a few things we have put in place to keep you all safe

Support after hospital discharge

Support after hospital discharge is something many of you and your families may be concerned about. Let us help ease some of your anxiety

Self install care alarms are here!

Self install care alarms are something we have been working towards for a while. Well great news, they are now here! Let us tell you all about this new way of getting our support in your home.

April 2020

Margaret Payne follows in Captain Tom’s shoes

Margaret Payne is another superhero we need to be thankful for during this pandemic! Have a read to find out why she is such a star and how she is raising money to help the cause

Tackling loneliness & isolation in older persons social housing

Tackling loneliness and social isolation is a key priority in older persons’ housing. Loneliness and isolation is known to contribute to a more rapid deterioration in both the mental and physical health of an older person.

Captain Tom Moore raises millions!

Captain Tom Moore, a 99-yea- old man has done something incredible for the NHS. The veteran has raised millions of pounds for our wonderful NHS.

COVID-19 – a good news story at last!

A COVID-19 good news story gives us hope as a nation, as we get so used to seeing all of the bad news. Let’s celebrate these promising stories and focus on them during this time.

Keep in touch with loved ones-but how?

Keeping in touch at this time is so important. Let’s take a look at how we can do this.

March 2020

Food banks struggle during Coronavirus pandemic

Food banks in the UK are being hit hard by the Coronavirus. Here at Nottingham On Call we have looked in to exactly what is going on.

Board games can help is 'stay sharp' in older age

Board games and other similar activities could help keep our memory sharp in old age.

Self isolation? How to stay busy when at home

Self isolation might seem a daunting prospect but here are some ideas of how to use your time when you or your family need to stay at home.

Ageing worries you may not have thought about

Ageing worries are something many of us think about. However, do you ever consider you might be wearing the wrong sized shoes for your feet? It could be a cause of many foot related problems.

Dementia trackers are the latest technology

Dementia trackers have been around for a while. However, the latest product in this area is quite remarkable.

Digital Switchover - we're getting ready!

The Digital Switchover already happened with TV aerials in 2012 I hear you cry! That is true, but now it’s the phone lines and the analogue switch off, which will take place in 2025?

Coronavirus- what we can do to avoid catching it

Coronavirus is dominating headlines all over the media at the moment. But what can we do to prevent ourselves from catching it?

February 2020

Cowboy builders preying on the elderly is a common problem

Cowboy builders are preying on the elderly on their own doorsteps and it is becoming more and more common.

'It's my lifeline' - Fred Brimble

Top Valley resident, Fred Brimble, has been relying on the Nottingham on Call and its service for years. He says “it’s my lifeline.”

Home care at its best in Nottingham

Home care is something many elderly and vulnerable people require. It is a vital resource for millions of senior citizens across the UK. Nottingham On Call is proud to care for Nottingham residents.

Prevent falling outside the home

How can I prevent falling outside the home? This is a question asked by many elderly people. Here at Nottingham On Call we want to help you overcome this problem.

Helping Grandparents live at home for longer

Helping grandparents live at home for longer is one of the main aims here at Nottingham On Call.

January 2020

Living independently could now become easier

Living independently for as long as possible and confidently is something we all hope to be able to do because no-one wants to go in to care. Sadly, more elderly people are moving into care homes or with family as they are not able anymore.

Electric vehicles take to the road!

Electric vehicles have been launched by Nottingham on Call (NOC) today and we are very excited!

Helping customers who have had a fall and saving the NHS thousands

We receive thousands of calls every year from people who have had a fall. If someone is injured, we will contact an ambulance and get assistance to our customer as soon as possible. But this is not always the case.

Care alarms pressed 405,000 times in Notts in 2019

We’ve been looking back on how our care alarms have been used over the past year.

December 2019

Loneliness at Christmas - can we help?

Christmas is seen as a time to bring friends and family together. However, for some people, particularly the elderly, Christmas is often the hardest time of year.

November 2019

Nottingham's care alarm service gets credit from TSA

Nottingham’s care alarm service, Nottingham on Call (NOC) is again accredited for its quality of service by the TSA.

October 2019

Halloween - stay safe and think of others

Halloween is here again! It’s getting colder, it’s darker earlier, and it’s the time of year when people like to dress up and get a bit spooky!

Getting older is something to celebrate

Getting older doesn’t have to be a difficult time! We joined our colleagues at Nottingham City Council and other city organisations on Tuesday 1st October to mark International Older People’s Day.

September 2019

Medical conditions in older people

There are stats that say four million older people in the UK are affected by long-term medical conditions.

Mobile care is now available!

Did you know mobile care is now available to new and existing Nottingham on Call customers?

Fun Day in Bulwell gives chance to chat to NOC

Fun day announced with Nottingham City Homes. On Saturday 14th September we are joining the team at Nottingham City Homes to celebrate 100 years of council housing.

August 2019

Extra care scheme in Nottingham

This month they opened the doors on their brand-new extra care scheme in Sherwood. Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes are leading the charge.

'Winter Pressures' funding is changing lives

The project enabled us to offer our support to people who weren’t funded by social care packages.

Adult social care discussed in detail

Nottingham’s DASS group (Directors of Adult Social Services) hosted its AGM this summer. The event brings together the local team from adult social care.

July 2019

Falls Lifting pilot tackling ambulance waits

Falls lifting pilot launches this month to help you continue to live independently in your home.

Older people feeling lonely is a concern

Older people feeling lonely is a big concern. Our partner, Nottingham City Homes, works alongside us to help tackle this growing problem.

May 2019

Brand new mobile phone and app set to launch

We’re getting ready to launch our brand new mobile phone and app service, which will offer our customers a direct way to alert us if they have a fall, or come into trouble, and they are out and about.

Living with Dementia - helped by music

Living with dementia can be a heartbreaking experience for both an individual themselves and their family and friends.

Activity monitoring - is this the future of care alarms

Nottingham on Call is currently piloting a system, which is set to be the future of care alarms.

Getting our message out at the market!

The Nottingham on Call team were out in force at Nottingham’s Victoria Centre Market in April, alongside the team at Nottingham City Homes (NCH), offering advice and guidance.

Ageing Well Day comes to Nottingham

On Tuesday 11th June, Nottingham will host its Ageing Well Day, to help advise people on the services available to them as they get older.

April 2019

Nottingham On Call - helping support people being discharged from hospital

We know how hard it can be for anyone who has been in hospital for a long period.