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Who are we?

If you live alone or need assistance to help you to continue to live independently at home, or you’re worried that if you had a fall or needed help, you might not know how to alert someone, it might be the time to consider Nottingham on Call.

We provide people who want to live independently with the ability to call for help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Our personal care alarm monitoring service provides you with a lightweight pendant to wear, which will work anywhere in your house and garden. It can be worn around your wrist or your neck, and allows you to push a button and alert our call centre team, the minute you get into trouble. Whether you have a fall, hurt yourself, or feel unwell and require help or reassurance, we’ll be there.

Based in the heart of Nottingham, we respond over the phone to a distress call instantly, and can contact nearby family or friends, or the emergency services in more extreme cases. We also have a fleet of Nottingham on Call response vehicles to reach all our customers within a maximum of half an hour if we need to.




Betty of Clifton, Nottingham, said: “When I lost my husband I found it quite daunting, thinking about what would happen if I had a fall, or fell ill while I was at home alone. My family live at a distance, and I was really quite troubled and considering a residential home, even though I know I didn’t need one. Finding out about Nottingham on Call has given me a new sense of confidence and I’ve kept my independence, which was really important to me.”

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