TSA Audit

We have once again had our audit from Telecare Services Association (TSA) in September and this year was our 3-year Audit that sees us assessed against all 10 standards as well as installation, Monitoring and Response.

Overall, there are 175 criteria that we are measured against and again we were successful in meeting these criteria with a number of positives identified as part of that process including the following:

  • Survey results demonstrate a high satisfaction rate from customers, and it is evident that regular communication and consultation with customers and tenants is paramount to the way the organisation functions.
  • Discussion with colleagues from Adult Social Care, Ashfield District Council and Trinity Housing demonstrate a collaborative approach to Partnership Working with some really good examples and case studies including from the Social Work Team at the Hospital.
  • Overall, the service has had a challenging year, but managers and staff have risen to those challenges; have enhanced their reputation with partners; and have continued to deliver consistent and safe services to their customers.

We will continue to strive to be better and will do so by putting our customers at the heart of the decision and services we provide as well as continuing to evolve in a digital world with choice and options afforded to our current and future customers.