The GO! - a "life changing" difference for Mary and her family

We know that our new GO! personal alarm device is the best thing we have ever launched for personal care. But we are going to say that I suppose? So why not have a read about what some of our customers have to say. The GO! Personal Alarm

We recently received some feedback that was just way too good to not share! In fact, it was so good we just had to find out more so we could let you all know how our GO! is already benefitting our customers across the county.

Here's Mary's story... 

Mary Stone lives in Nottingham and is in her nineties. She lives alone and has always been an independent lady. She has lived alone for many years and has always managed with day to day life. 

However, more recently things got harder for her with her mobility. Mary lives in quite a large house with stairs, and has been beginning to struggle. 

Mary's daughter, Charlotte Stone, lives just outside of Nottingham roughly 17 miles away from her mother. Mary was beginning to need Charlotte's support more and more, until it got to a point where Charlotte was on the phone to her mum numerous times a day to check she was ok. 

Often, Mary might not answer the phone for whatever reason and Charlotte would understandably panic. She would head over there, at all times of the day and night, to check on her mum. 

This began to get more and more difficult for both ladies and was worrying for the whole family. 

The family had considered one of the base unit home alarm systems, but had never followed this up as with Mary living in a large older house, the only place it could go would be in the hallway. With Mary's limited hearing, this would mean she wouldn't be able to hear someone speaking to her from the unit, which ultimately put them off this option. 

Then in 2020 Charlotte was away for a few days break with her partner and on returning discovered that her Mum had hurt herself. She hadn't mentioned this on the calls to her daughter as she knew she was away and didn't want to worry her!

It turned out Mary had fallen at home and fractured her pelvis. She spent a couple of days moving around the home on her bottom as she couldn't get up. 

You can only imagine the upset when Charlotte returned to find her Mum in this state and she got an ambulance straight to her. 

Luckily a friend of Charlotte, who was elderly and also lived alone, recommended Nottingham On Call's GO! device as an option for her Mum. 

Charlotte explains: "When my friend told me about the GO!, I didn't completely understand exactly what the device could do initially as it just didn't seem possible. 

"But then a lovely gentleman from Nottingham On Call came out to see us and demonstrated the alarm to us. 

"The fact that the alarm has two way speech on it was a game changer for us. It meant that if my mum was to take ill or fall, someone could talk to her to get her help and she would be able to communicate with them.

"The other great feature was the falls detector. If my mum was to have another fall and wasn't able to press the device, it would alert the call centre anyway."

She goes on to say: "This has just been life changing for us all. Not only does my Mum feel much safer living alone in her home but I can rest easy knowing that she is looked after when I can't be there. I can finally relax in an evening and even have a glass of wine now as I am not having to worry about jumping in the car if she doesn't answer my call straight away!"

This sort of feedback really shows just how life changing our devices can be. The GO! is designed to also work anywhere in the country. This means you can wear it when going out of the home alone. If you were to fall, it will detect the fall and connect you straight through to our call centre in Nottingham.

If you require help, but are unsure where you are, it also has built-in GPS, so we can locate you if we need to. This is also useful if someone is unconscious. If our call centre team get no response when talking to a customer, they will automatically use the GPS to locate them and send help.

Our GO! device is already receiving so many reviews similar to this one. It has already had such a positive impact on people's lives - and we're not ashamed to say, we're thrilled. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from our GO! personal alarm then do not hesitate to contact us today on 0115 746 9010 to discuss this further or find out a bit more about the GO! here.