Thank you To Our Wonderful Team From A Customer

We always love hearing from our customers especially when it is to praise one of our wonderful team for their incredible work.

We recently received feedback from the daughter of one of our customers who recently had a fall at home.

Our customer Francis unfortunately fell at home when in the garden.

Luckily she had one of our lifelines and was able to call for help by pressing her pendant around her neck.

Joe McLean, one of our Assistive Technology Officers was called to attend. Joe explains how the situation unfolded:

I had been sent to this customer’s home and on arrival the client was on the floor over a flowerbed in her garden.

Two neighbours were also onsite, I asked if they could gather some blankets and pillows to try to make the client more comfortable and warm.

Fortunately we were able to prop her up slightly to take the pressure off her back and keep her warm.

I then spoke with the clients daughter on the phone and calmed her down as she was quite upset.I reassured her that we had contacted an ambulance and made her mother as comfortable as possible. I explained to her daughter that I was going to stay with the client until they arrived so they would take their time to get onsite and not rush while driving.

Both granddaughter and daughter arrived on site, I then continued to reassure the daughter and client that the ambulance will be with us soon.

I contacted East Midlands Ambulance Service to update them on the situation as the clients arm did not look in the right position and maybe broken, this upgraded the ambulance to CAT 2. After getting off the phone with them we could see the ambulance at the bottom of the road, so I wished the client well and told the family I was going to leave so the ambulance could take my spot outside the property”.


Our customer’s daughter was extremely grateful for Joe’s help. She said:

When my mum had a fall at home, a man came out from Nottingham On Call and he was fantastic and really helpful. Mum had to go to hospital following the fall having sustained a fracture but the gentleman made my Mum as comfortable as possible and waited for us to arrive and made sure the ambulance got to Mum as quickly as possible. We are extremely grateful for Joe and NOC’s service.” 

Knowing that we were able to get to this lady because she was wearing her lifeline is why we do what we do. Our lifelines are just that and so valuable to our customers and their families.

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