Support after hospital discharge

Support after hospital discharge is a huge concern for many. If you have ever been in hospital for a period of time, you may know how this can feel. When you leave hospital and get sent home there are many things to consider.

Are you going to need any help at home? Do you now have mobility problems that you didn’t have before you went in to hospital? Will you not feel safe in your own home? These are all questions that might be going through your head.

This anxiety may have been heightened recently with the whole Covid-19 lockdown situation.

Maybe you have been admitted to hospital for a reason unrelated to coronavirus or maybe you have contracted the disease. Whatever the reason is, the good news is, you are now well enough to return home. However, knowing you are going home to an empty house where you can’t have visitors or someone to stay can be terrifying.

Before lockdown, you would have had lots of options to get support from family and friends in your home. Maybe they could arrange a rota to come over to help look after you. Or perhaps a family member might stay with you for a while. However, this is no longer possible to ensure you are safe and stay well and out of hospital.

How can we help you?

We completely understand the worries you may be facing and so are tackling this. That is why we’ve been working hard with our local NHS hospitals around the discharge system.

We have recently launched our self install care alarm systems. These pendant alarm systems are easy to install yourself. They come with full instructions including photographs of the unit and how to get it set up.

We have made arrangements with the hospitals to provide you with one of our self install care alarm units on discharge should you require one.

We hope that this will give more people the peace of mind knowing you will have the support you need the moment you return home. This will take away some worries from you and your family and hopefully make your return home a happy time.

If you have any questions or know someone who could benefit from our service then please do get in touch. You can call us on 0115 746 9010 or email us at