Stay cool this summer!

We are being blessed with a wave of sunshine over the UK recently but not everyone loves the heat and even if you do, it’s important that you stay cool during this time.

So to help out we are bringing you our top tips to stay cool during the summer!

1. Windows and blinds - If you're in the house, try keeping windows and blinds/curtains closed in the daytime. This will keep the outside heat out.

2. Drink, drink and drink some more! Drinking water is important every day, but when the weather is hot, you need to be drinking even more water to help stay hydrated. It doesn’t have to be boring old water, you can flavour it with fruit or squash, or tea and coffee counts too but try to mix it up!

3. Plan - If you're going out then be sure to take water with you and apply sun cream before you leave, if you have ever been sun burnt, you will know it isn’t fun!

4. Bed sheets - To help overheating in bed, you could try popping your bed sheets in the freezer for 15 minutes before bed (if you have room!), this will cool you when you get into bed and allow you to drift off to sleep.

5. Cool shower - Another way to cool off before bed is to have a cool shower.

6. Dress appropriately - wear loose, light clothing to keep your body temperature down and allow for a cooling breeze!

7. Food - Try to eat light and cooling foods. Rather than going for a roast, maybe try a cool salad topped with your favourite things to keep it tasty!

8. Avoid the midday heat - Stay out of the sunshine between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its highest.

Follow these tips and stay super chilled throughout the hot weather and enjoy the vitamin D!