Self install care alarms are here!

Self install care alarms are something that Nottingham On Call has been working towards for a while. We want to make our install process as easy and as straight forward as possible.

Have you been wondering how we offer support to our customers?

One of our most popular systems for support in the home is our base unit and pendant alarm. This system is installed in your home. It is linked directly to a pendant worn by you and to our call centre in the centre of Nottingham.

Up until now when you register for one of our care packages the process has been straight forward. Our team contact you to arrange one of our staff to visit you and install your base unit. This has worked well until now. However, the lockdown situation has made this install process impossible.

But do not worry. We know how important our service is, especially during lockdown when you can’t have people come in to see you or help you as they might normally do.

Self install care alarms have arrived and mean that we can continue to offer care and support to anyone who is in need.

So what are they and how does it work?

Well we are glad you have asked! Our self install care alarms are genuinely really easy to install yourself. If you decide you or a loved on requires support at home then please get in touch. We will send out our new digital base unit with extremely clear instructions of what you need to do to install your unit.

What we also do to make it really straight forward is pre-programme it for you. We do any technical bits with the base unit before it is sent out. This means that when you receive the unit, it is super simple to set up.

The instructions that come with the unit include images of what you should receive in the box. It also includes photos of how to plug the unit in and switch it on. It shows you which lights should be on the unit and tells you how to make a test call from the alarm to our team. This will check the system works for if and when you need it.

But don’t worry if the instructions aren’t enough to get you set up, our team are at the end of the phone to give you some support over the phone.

What else can we tell you?
This alarm is a digital alarm system rather than analogue like our previous unit. Because your are installing the system yourself, you will also be saving the installation fee.

All in all we are thrilled to be able to offer this self install option to our customers. It ensures we can continue to support our communities of Nottingham and make sure we keep you safe.

If you have any questions or would like to order one of our care packages, please get in touch. You can call us on 0115 746 9010. Alternatively, email us on