Protect your skin from the sun this summertime

Protect your skin from the sun this summer and July is UV Safety Month. So let’s talk about sun safety as we approach this month and begin to enjoy out Great British summer.

Protect your skin from the sun and UV rays this Summer. We want to help you recap on why it is important to protect our skin especially as we get older.

It is a well known fact that protecting our skin from the sun will help protect it from ageing. But what we are already older, should we still worry about sun damage? Absolutely!! In fact, it is even more important as the skin gets older, to protect it more. So maybe we aren’t as concerned about our skin ageing and looking older, but it's really important to protect it.

A study carried out in 2009 showed that older skin is more vulnerable. This is because as it gets older, it is harder for the skin to protect itself against skin cancer.

July is UV safety month plus a time when we begin spending more time out in the sun! So what better time to talk about this and get prepared for when the UV rays are at their strongest.

The study showed that in older adults, the skin had a diminished ability to attract a certain type of immune cells called T cells to damaged areas where repairs were needed. This meant that the skin is less able to fight infection and fight against cancer.

Skin Protection for more mature skin

With the above information in mind, older people need to take extra precautions to limit their sun exposure. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean staying inside and closing the curtains! You can still enjoy the sun and get your healthy dose of vitamin D. However, take a read of these handy tips below to help you stay safe and look after your skin this summer.

Try to avoid getting a tan

I know, sorry! This doesn’t sound great if you like to have a bit of colour over the Summer months. However, a tan is your skins way of telling you that damage has been done. If you get burnt then even more so!

By the time we get into our 60s and beyond, we have already experienced decades of sun exposure. If you ever got burnt in your life or maybe you were a sun worshipper when you were younger, then listen up! You need to take extra special care in the sun.

Enjoy the shade

Like we said previously, this doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! Perhaps use an umbrella or a sun shade when outside. Stick to a shady area under a tree or out of the direct sun. You could still enjoy eating your lunch outside but just in the shade! This is a much more comfortable experience in our opinion anyway!

Know when is best to stay in

In the UK we are advised to stay out of the sun between the times of 11am and 3pm. These are the hours when the UV rays are most dangerous. Stay in your shady spot during this period.

Make new habits

A great way to stay safe is to create a new habit. Make applying sun cream a part of your daily routine. Even a short walk to the car or to the shop can be dangerous for your skin.

Did you know that UV rays can also pass through windows so if you are sat in front of a sunny window, you need to be wearing sun cream.

If you can get in to the habit of applying sun cream as your moisturiser in a morning, you will know you are protected. This sun cream is recommended to be at least factor 30 SPF by dermatologists and our NHS.

Consider what you are wearing

Loose and lightweight trousers and long sleeved shirts are ideal sun protection. They can offer you the protection without having to keep applying sun cream. Plus, the loose nature of the clothes will keep you cool in the heat.

Why not finish off your outfit with a nice sun hat and some UV graded sunglasses.

Use Moisturiser

Make sure you keep your skin moisturised. As our skin ages, it is more prone to dryness which can than be more prone to sun damage. Make sure you use a moisturiser at night as well as your sun cream in a morning.

Hopefully these little tips will help you protect your beautiful skin from the UV rays this Summer. Remember, UV rays are still around all year round, even when it doesn’t look sunny!

Now you have your sun safe tips, don’t forget to contact us if you need extra support at home. If you are concerned about living alone or falling in your home, we can support you. Our call alarms are linked to our local call centre. We have a team out in the community who can respond to any issues when needed. Make sure you feel protected at home as well as being protected from the sun! Contact us here.