Nottingham on Call invests in employee mental health training

Nottingham on Call is pleased to announce that it's investing in Mental Health training for its employees to assist them in supporting all of its customers when they need them the most.

The welfare and safety of its customers is Nottingham on Call’s number one priority and making sure that its team of staff are well equipped to deal with the diverse nature of calls and situations they have to handle on a daily basis is very important.

A topic that has come up time and time again with NOC’s call handlers and field based teams is dealing with the wide spectrum of mental health issues that the teams often face each day.

Dealing with such scenarios can also have an impact on the employees’ mental health and so this is also an important area that NOC wants to cover on the training.

NOC call handlers and field based staff are often faced with a wide range of mental health concerns from loneliness, dementia to depression, debt problems and even suicidal comments or conversations. Dealing with these things in a professional yet empathetic way is vital for both the customer and the employee.

This training will tackle areas such as how to talk to someone struggling with long term depression or supporting someone in the right way who is stressed due to debt. It will focus on things such as bi-polar disorders as well as personality disorders and customers struggling with loneliness.

The training should hopefully boost the team’s confidence in dealing with the diverse range of conversations they have with customers and will mean NOC’s most vulnerable customers are getting the support they need in the right way effectively and efficiently.

Teams will also be equipped with the knowledge of how to signpost customers to further support they might need, where to go to get that support and feel confident in providing the appropriate referrals.

This training comes at a time when there are many added stresses in the world and the employees at NOC are grateful for the investment.

Wendy Adams, Nottingham On Call’s Business Manager said: “This Mental Health training is very much needed in the business. As a provider of care for the people of Nottingham, it is vital that our employees feel they are confident to deliver an excellent service to all of our customers including those effected by mental health problems. It is also important to us that our teams are supported with their own mental health when dealing with what can sometimes be distressing situations.”