Nottingham on Call going digital

From 1 April Nottingham on Call is moving to provide a digital care alarm service.

This is in response to the Digital Switchover currently happening across the country whereby in 2025 landline telephones will no longer be operational. For further information on the Digital Switchover, click here

There are two great digital alarm offers provided by Nottingham on Call:

In the home – our EVA digital alarm which comes with a wrist or neck worn pendant. This can be plugged in anywhere in the home. In addition additional sensors can be provided as required to manage risks such as falls. The EVA digital alarm packages start from £5.99 per week (ex VAT);

Out and about – our GO mobile alarm. This is usually neck worn like a pendant and allows the user to raise an alert wherever they are and we are able to communicate through the speaker / microphone. When an alert is raised we are able to locate the person using GPS location. The GO also has an inbuilt falls detector. The GO mobile alarm is £6.69 per week (ex VAT)

There are many benefits to having a digital alarm:

1. It can be located where it is most needed – rather than plugged into a telephone socket (usually in the hallway) – which allows for better communication in an emergency

2. There are no call charges for raising an alert. With a landline care alarm all call charges are on the phone bill – if many calls are raised or the call is long e.g. ambulance required this can add £’s to the phone bill

3. It is more reliable. With the phone network gradually becoming digital our old landline care alarms are more likely not to connect as quickly.

So from 1st April Nottingham on Call is responding to the Digital Switchover by moving to a digital care alarm service with the choice of the two digital alarm options for new customers.

We will no longer offer the old landline based care alarms. Our existing customers with a landline care alarm will need to swap over to a digital care alarm in the next three years.

If you would like to upgrade to a digital alarm please contact our service advisors on 0115 746 9010 or email