NOC a surprise that Nottingham On Call have had another great year caring for their customers

In November 2021, Nottingham On Call recorded its best performance to date in terms of installing care alarms for new customers.

One hundred new customers were provided with a care alarm linked to the 24/7 Nottingham on Call monitoring and response service. In an average month around 70 new customer alarms are installed. The target is to install a new customer alarm within 20 days of a completed referral.  82 of the new alarms were fitted within 10 working days, with a further 11 fitted within the 20 day target. 7 of the alarms took longer than 20 days to install due to things like awaiting a hospital discharge or technical issues in the home e.g. working landline.

Overall in November 2021 there were 154 equipment packages installed – again a record performance. The additional 54 packages included sensors added to existing alarms.

As well as setting up a record number of new customers, Nottingham on Call also managed to maintain a great performance in terms of managing alarms for existing customers. In November 2021 50,000 alarm calls were received by the monitoring centre and 98.3% of these were answered within the 60 seconds target, and the remainder answered within the 180 seconds target. In addition Nottingham on Call staff will have carried out alarm repairs, provided a home response where no response to an alarm activation, and dealt with out of hours emergency duty, repairs and lone worker calls.

So overall a great performance for new customers and existing services from a service rated in a recent inspection as“compliant with all quality standards and needing no improvements” -

So there is no better time to get in touch with Nottingham on Call and join our service for you or a loved one.  Get in touch on 01157469010 or