NOC continues to improve knowledge on Telecare

Wendy Adams, Nottingham on Call's Business Manager, shares with us her recent experience with a new training course and the fantastic support and interest she has had from the NOC team! 

TEC training course

What was the Course?

As an Organisation that is leading the way in Technology Enabled Care and the move to digital services, we wanted to explore and take advantage of the courses available through the Telecare Services Association (TSA). 

We were advised that if we could identify ten or more staff that wanted to embark on an online training course, then we could have the course delivered to us for free! 

We offered the course to our team and we had a positive uptake of around 15 staff wishing to take part, 10 of which have already completed the online work and assignments. Some have even asked for me to look in to other courses for them to undertake.


What did you hope it would achieve?

We are a specialised industry and there is little in the way of courses specific to Assistive Technology. We hoped that as this course was industry-specific, and carried a recognised qualification in the TEC industry, that our staff would feel the services they provide are validated and recognised. 

As the Manager, I hoped this would remind and reinforce the principles behind the services we provide and reinforce the importance of making the services person-centred. 

From speaking to those that entered on to this course, they wanted to learn more about TEC in a more general way. Not all those doing the course are officers that handle calls or install equipment. Some are staff that work on the referrals, administration and development aspects of the service.

So, why do the course?

In this fast-moving world, technology plays a huge part in daily life, and the care sector is no different. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is playing an increasing role in health and social care, with over 1.7 million vulnerable people relying on TEC to support independence in their own homes. 

The course and subsequent qualification gave learners an understanding of the positive impact that technology can have on an individual, and the improvements it can make to their quality of life.

The course covered:

  • Introduction to technology enabled care that can be used to help support an individual’s quality of life
  • Understanding a person-centred approach to technology enabled care that can support independence, health and well-being
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in relation to technology enabled care
  • Introduction to legislation, safeguarding and regulatory requirements relating to technology enabled care


How did the course run?

The course was delivered entirely online. Those taking part received workbooks through the post, however these were also available online within the course content.

The staff were given a personal tutor who was available via email or phone. It was anticipated that the staff would need to dedicate about four hours per week over a six to ten-week period.

There was no Test or Exam. You simply answered the questions asked. Once each of the four sections were completed, you submitted your answers. The tutor then assessed the work and provided feedback.  


So how did it go?

Two members of the team have given us their feedback. See below their thoughts:

“I enjoyed this course and it has made me think slightly different now about Human rights and levels of understanding of the service and equipment to the clients that will be using it. 

"The course covered different types of TEC and made me remember my telehealth days, it also covered Person-centred care, Human rights and DoLS and understanding clients’ abilities of understanding and using the equipment.  

"It also gave me understanding of OT and Social Workers' involvement and that they cannot just pass things to us and disappear like they think they can. 

"In the beginning, I got frustrated as the questions seemed to repeat themselves but with a slightly different twist for the same thing but after grumbling to myself, I settled down to looking at it like it was a new question and then it was fine. 

"I found the assessor very approachable and helpful.  I would be happy to do another of their courses if one comes up.”


“I found the course really useful. It is all about the technology that can be used to support care of the vulnerable and elderly.  It looks at the history of this technology, what is available now and what the future holds.  It looks at the pros and cons of technology, how it should always be used as an enhancement to a care package and not as a replacement.  It also highlights the relevant laws and legal requirements of this technology. 

"From a study perspective I found the course easy to register for and access, the timescales given for completing the course are more than sufficient to enable completion.  The workbooks provide all the information needed to complete the course and also provide links to websites and further information. The tutor was quick to assess the assignments and gave useful and relevant feedback, where needed.

"Overall it has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the available technology and how it can be used.”