Moving in to your golden years

We live in a world where growing older is seen as bad. People are constantly on a quest to not age but ultimately, we are all growing older each day and do you know what, it isn’t all bad!

Instead of trying to stay young, what if we started enjoying the glorious process of growing old!

Throughout your early and mid adult life, you have many responsibilities, you have careers and family and you have a lot to deal with. In later adulthood you can feel more freedom from these responsibilities and that can feel great!

Growing older can mean slowing things down, taking things at a gentler pace and getting things into perspective. It gives you more time to focus on things you really want to do and not just things you feel ‘need doing!’

Another great thing about growing older is you begin to worry less about what people think. We go through life being very aware and concerned about what people think and although that can sometimes be useful, it can often be limiting.

As you mature, you begin to worry less and perhaps do things you would have never once done but wish you had!

So what can we do to help with ageing?

What's really important for growing old is to take good care of your body and mind as you move into your golden years. This will mean you are more likely to be able to flourish socially, physically and emotionally.

Make sure you're getting regular exercise and eating a healthy and varied diet. You also want to make sure you get plenty of sleep. People often underestimate the importance of sleep but it really is vital for good physical and mental health.

Stay engaged with things such as reading and learning new things, this is so good for the brain and to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Staying connected with family and friends is so important and there are lots of ways you can do that. Calling friends, meeting up for a coffee or going out for a walk. Getting involved in community groups, charities or local classes can be a great way to stay connected and make new connections at the same time.

Sometimes getting older can bring fear of living alone. If that is something you are concerned about then we could help.

Nottingham On Call has care packages to suit everyone for the home and also for when you go out and about. We also have lots of equipment that can help in your home to assist various needs. Get in touch today if you want to find out more.

Finally, keeping a positive mental attitude can not be overlooked! Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, releases happy hormones into your body and will make you feel instantly better.

If you want more information about how we can help you as you move in to your golden years then call us on 0115 746 9010.