Mental Health Awareness Week 2022-Loneliness

This week (9th-15th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year the focus is on loneliness.

Everyone at some point in their life has probably experienced the feeling of loneliness. However, when it becomes long term loneliness, this can have a huge effect on a person’s mental health.

The global pandemic that we are currently moving out of has had an added impact on loneliness for many people and we all need to work towards tackling loneliness in our communities.

There is often a stigma around loneliness and the effects it can have on a person and so we need to collectively get rid of this stigma and tackle the problem head on.

Loneliness isn’t about how many friends you have or how often you see people. In fact it can be different for all of us as it is to do with finding that balance between social connection and an individual's want or need for social interaction.

The global pandemic only added to the problem of loneliness especially for those who had to isolate for longer and those who didn’t have good digital connections or a good understanding of technology.

For those who were able, Facetime, Zoom and Teams became a way to stay connected but take a minute to consider what things were like for those who didn’t have access to these things.

Many of our customers at Nottingham On Call experience loneliness as well as other mental health concerns. Our staff have recently been engaged in mental health training to help deal with the varying needs of our customers and enable them to support them and sign post them to further help should they need it.

We feel this is a really important part of our role and below is an example of one of our team doing just that.

Case Study

Ryan, one of our engineers went to install some equipment for a customer. On arrival,  the customer was clearly upset and in distress.

Ryan contacted our service advisor Angie who straight away got in touch with the social worker involved.

Both Ryan and Angie were reassured that the care agency were due to visit soon.

The social worker, Kate Lilley, said

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help today in keeping my citizen safe at home. I’ve just given her a call and she is much calmer now and has accepted further support from our mental health team going forward. Thank you again, you are all amazing!”

This is just one example of where our team has identified a concern and communicated with other services to get the appropriate help for one of our customers.

Sadly there are more and more mental health concerns currently and so we want to support Mental Health Awareness week in the hope that as communities in Nottinghamshire, we can work together to support those in need living with mental health concerns and loneliness.

Why not give a friend, neighbour or loved one a call today, or even better, drop in and have a cuppa with them, it might just turn their day around.

You can read more about this year's Mental Health Awareness Week's theme here:


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