Meet the team

When customers or professionals get in touch with Nottingham on Call they will most likely speak to Angie and Becky our Service Advisors. Whether it be a potential new customer who has heard a little bit about the service and wants to know more, or a social worker with a complex hospital discharge case Angie and Becky will fully explain what can be done and get the right information so that the right equipment package can be installed as quickly as possible to ensure customers are fully supported.         


Angie and Becky will deal with a range of people during the day. This can be an 80-year-old new customer, concerned sons and daughters anxious about a mum or dad, health professionals who are worried about a patient being a falls risk, or a hospital based social worker trying to organise a safe discharge to prevent a patient being on a ward longer than necessary.

The work of a Service Advisor is to promote the service and equipment to new customers, triage referrals to ensure equipment requested meets stated needs and risks and arrange an installation date as quickly as possible but to suit availability. In addition to this there are forms to complete and systems to update to ensure we have accurate records, especially when a customer presses their alarm in an emergency.

Angie has been doing this job for many years, whereas Becky is relatively new – arriving on March 2020 lockdown day. However both are very experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Please get in touch with the Service to find out more of what we offer to be able to keep people safe and supported and enjoying the life you love. Telephone 0115 7469010  or Email