Living with a disability doesn't have to affect your independence

Living with a disability, in any form, can prove difficult and can throw lots of challenges at anyone wanting to live an independent life. Lady in wheelchair with cat

It may impact on you at home or when you're out and about. If you live alone this can sometimes have an even bigger impact. It can cause lots of anxieties and concerns for both you as an individual, and also for your family and friends. 

At Nottingham On Call we are dedicated to supporting individuals in and outside of their home. We want to make it even more possible to live a fulfilled and independent life, with less worry for you and your loved ones. 

We are very excited to have recently launched our new GO! personal device. This device uses the latest technology to keep its wearer safe.

Worn around the neck, the GO! features a button that, when pressed, will immediately connect the wearer to a member of our contact centre. The beauty of this device is its ability to work both inside your home and when you're out and about - anywhere. Yes, that's right, anywhere in the country!

If you are at home or out and about and begin to feel unwell, or in any sort of danger, you can press your alarm and it will connect you to our team. It includes a two way speech feature so we can talk to you and see what assistance you need and get that help to you straight away. 

But what if I fall and I'm not able to press the alarm?

Don't worry, the GO! has a built-in falls detector. If you fall, the device will automatically connect to our call centre within seconds. One of our team will speak to you. If you don't respond then they will immediately arrange assistance for you. 

But how will you know where I am?

Don't worry, we've got this covered too! Our device has a built in GPS feature, which can locate you anywhere in the country. This means we can arrange urgent assistance for you quickly. 

This feature is also great if you're out and worried about where you are, or not sure of your exact location. We can locate you and get help out to you, if you need it.

We have customers with varying reasons for using our GO! device. They are ideal for elderly people, people with conditions such as epilepsy or anyone with a health concern or learning difficulty, who can often feel nervous about going out and about on their own. 

Happy customers

Nottingham On Call's Head of Supported Housing, Antony Dixon has expressed his joy at hearing how people in Nottingham are already benefitting from the GO!. He said: "Customers who have already been using the device have explained to us how just having the GO! has changed their lives. It's brilliant that such a small, inexpensive device can make someone feel more comfortable and confident to live independently and to venture out of the home while still feeling safe and looked after. 

"Obviously with the current lockdown, people aren't getting out as much as normal, but our customers are still able to go for their daily walk, or pop to the shop. The GO! helps customers to feel like they can do this, in the knowledge that if anything was to happen, the support would be there for them quickly.

"It is a great device for many different types of people with different concerns about living independently. We're so pleased to see the impact this has had already and we can't wait for more and more people to start benefitting from the GO!."

Not only is the GO! ideal for the elderly who feel vulnerable when they're out and about, it is also the perfect companion for adults and young adults who want to be able to find more independence but are perhaps restricted by a disability or learning difficulty.  

If you want to learn more about the Nottingham on Call GO!, which only costs £6.49 per week, you can read about it here:

If you think you or a loved one could benefit from the GO! and want to discuss it more then give one of our friendly team a call today 0115 746 9010 or if you prefer to email us, you can reach us at