Introducing the Seven...

Have you met our Seven?

Our Seven uses advanced technology in an easy to use system that provides assistance and reassurance to live independently in your own home.

The Seven is ideal for the elderly and frail as well all disabled and vulnerable individuals. Having the Seven in your home gives you peace of mind and safe in the knowledge that help is only a button press away.

The Seven is made up of the base unit complete with not one but two 4G SIM cards. This means that if one SIM provider goes down for any reason, the Seven will still be connected.

The Seven then has a user pendant which is worn around your neck and is light and small for comfort. The pendant can be pressed and will connect the user to our call centre with a few seconds from up to 300 meters away from the base unit. The range means that most people would be able to be in the garden and the pendant would still activate.

Some incredible features of the Seven include the following:

  • Voice-guided installation. This makes for a quick and easy set up of your Seven and the system will talk you through all installation steps to checking the unit works.
  • The Seven has adaptive lighting meaning that the unit lights dim when it gets dark to prevent bright lights.
  • The pendant has a voice announced test reminder. Our previous devices use a flashing light to do this but the voice announced feature saves any confusion for users.
  • If the user is going away, they can record when they will be away on the device rather than having to contact us directly.
  • The Seven can have up to 6 reminders programmed in to it for such things as when to take medication to when carers are due to arrive.
  • More sensors can be connected to the Seven than our previous devices meaning more alerts and times can be added.
  • The Seven has a ‘I’m OK’ welfare check built in. Each day the user can press the cancel button at an agreed time let our call centre know that all is OK. If the button isn’t pressed at the arranged time, this triggers our call centre to get in touch.

If you are yet to have a Seven unit in your home or you have a loved one you think could benefit from one, please get in touch today.