Home support packages - are you considering one?

Home support packages can be daunting to think about. Especially if you are living alone. In this blog we want to discuss some different reasons why you might choose one of our packages.

Home support packages are a great way to help you feel safe at home. If you don’t want to lose your independence but are worried about living alone then we could help. Let’s take a look at some different scenarios that you may relate to.

I am worried I might fall at home and be alone

Having a fall in your own home is worrying and often distressing, but not unusual. It’s a risk that can come with illness, balance and mobility issues, and in older age.

The fall itself may not be too serious, or cause injury. However, the consequences of not being able to get help quickly, could be far more severe.

We have a lot of equipment available to help people who are at risk of falling. This can be totally tailored to suit your needs. All our equipment is designed to help you keep your independence, as well as offering reassurance to both you and your family.

Our Safe at Home package has been built to support you if you feel you’re more at risk of falling. Our new Falls Lifting service can also come out to your home if you have fallen, but are uninjured.

I live alone and feel isolated- would your home support packages help?

We see time and time again, how much of a worry living at home can be, for both you and your family and friends.

You might have lost your partner, or you could be starting to struggle with your health or mobility, and becoming anxious about living alone. There are lots of reasons people start to feel like this. There are a number of things we can do to help, so please get in touch and we can talk it through together.

Maintaining independence is at the heart of everything we do. We have a range of equipment which can help to give you peace of mind if you live alone. Help is close at hand in our Nottingham-based local call centre, and our service can link through to your family and friends.

Hospital discharge-I’ve been discharged and am worried about living alone during this time

Being discharged from hospital can be a real worry for both you and your family. Everyday tasks which we often take for granted before going into hospital, can become difficult or even impossible during recovery.

Sometimes these struggles and worries can become far more permanent, particularly if you have been in hospital with a life-changing injury or illness./p>

Returning home can sometimes be an uphill struggle for you and your family and friends, as they look to support you.

With years of experience working with people as they are discharged from hospital, we have a fantastic range of equipment which can support you and your family’s needs after a hospital visit.

I am living with a disability and am beginning to struggle at home

If you are living with a disability that limits your mobility or ability to manage day-to-day tasks easily, it can be frustrating. We know how important it is to people living with a disability, that they were able to live as independently as possible.

Our 24 hours a day personal alarm and monitoring service can offer you the reassurance, that should you fall, become particularly unwell, or need assistance, you have the ability to call on our local contact centre team at any time of the day or night. This service has enabled so many people to live independently, who might not otherwise have had the confidence. We are also able to offer and advise on a range of state-of-the-art equipment that can help to support independence and reduce the need for intrusive care services.

I am living with Dementia and it worries me

We know that from diagnosis onwards, the onset of dementia can be incredibly stressful, worrying and distressing for both yourself and your family. Our support packages could help.

Being able to continue living at home, in a familiar environment, as independently as possible, is hugely important to managing the progression of dementia and getting the best quality of life possible for you and your family.

We know people with dementia will require a very specific service from us, and we often look at using a variety of equipment to help those living with dementia to maintain their independence, while providing reassurance to loved ones that a person’s movements are being monitored and there is support, day and night, at the touch of a button.

If any of these things resonate with you then please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.