Home care at its best in Nottingham

Home care is something many elderly and vulnerable people require. It is a vital resource for millions of senior citizens across the UK. Nottingham On Call is proud to care for Nottingham residents.

Over the Christmas period we received a letter from one of our residents complimenting the home care they receive.

This particular resident made a call to the Nottingham On Call home care team on 23rd December. The resident was quite distressed as she had lost her pendant alarm. She explained that she had spent the last day and a half searching the house for the alarm.

She is an elderly resident of eighty three years old and living alone. she feels very vulnerable without her pendant alarm. Understandably she was concerned about having a fall or needing help from her home care team.

Our resident said: ” The lady who took my call on the 23rd Dec was very friendly and helpful. She fully understood the problem and was very supportive.

“My daughter is away for the Christmas period and so I couldn’t contact her. I was very worried that there would be nothing they could do this close to Christmas. However, on Christmas Eve a lady from the home care team turned up on my doorstep. She brought me a new pendant which was such a relief. The lady also took time to come in and check my home.  She made sure everything was working including my smoke alarms.

“The Nottingham On Call staff members are so friendly and efficient. They make me happy and supported. After the visit I felt safe again and cared for even though it was Christmas.”

Our care packages

This sort of feedback about our home care is so lovely to receive and this isn’t an isolated situation. Our response team are on hand twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. If you need support, we will be there no matter what time of the day or night it is.

The care alarm pendant is worn at all times when in the home. When pressed it alerts our team immediately. We then speak to our resident through the base unit in the home and if face to face support is required we arrange this straight away. This may be a visit from our home care team or if needed from an ambulance.

If you think you would benefit from one of our care packages then contact us on 0115 746 9010.