Gadgets from the past - can you remember them?

Gadgets from the past. Do you remember any of these gadgets? We are venturing back in time to look at gadgets from the past and what has replaced them. But how many of these can you remember?
Old fashioned gadget

Gadgets from the past are often thrown on a shelf and forgotten about! But we want to look back at some of these trusty gadgets. Take a look and see how many of these you remember. Or maybe you still have some of these lying around?

The first one we want to look at is the trusty typewriter

The humble typewriter was a marvel of technology in its day. They opened up a world of possibilities to budding writers wanting to write a novel. They also offered a new way to document historical events. It was a hefty step up from the old pen and paper. They originate way back before any of us were born to 1808 but now have been almost forgotten. Computers have taken over the job of the typewriter offering much more options but there’s something about the typewriter that just brings back memories. Can anyone else remember having to dab on drops of Tipp-Ex or scribble out a letter or a word when you hit the wrong key?

The Rotary Telephone and wired landlines

Ah! The rotary telephone and wired landline! Oh how we miss dragging those numbers and being tethered to a corner of the room! This is another piece of technology that has been and gone. This has been replaced with the cordless landline. Or even the little computer that we can now carry around in our pocket-the mobile phone!

 There is something nice about having a wired telephone still at home but the convenience that wireless and mobile phones bring has almost seen the end of these wonderful little snippets of tech!

The phonebook

So, we realise this isn’t strictly ‘technology’. However, the simple phonebook is certainly something that is now hard to come by thanks to technology. Who misses the yellow pages?

These little beauties listed residential and business listings and would be where you would head for phone numbers. You do occasionally still see these chunky paper directories through your door but the internet has taken over most of its job.

Last but by no means least- the cassette tape

It has been a while since we saw one of these little treasures. A small rectangle piece of plastic that would play out our favourite tunes beautifully (until the inner tape unravelled and ruined the moment!)

But does anyone out there still have these and more importantly, can you still play them? We very rarely see a device now that will pay these little gems but when we do, they bring back wonderful memories.

Playing music has gone through many changes and continues to! After the cassette we had the CD, shortly followed by the MP3 player (these didn’t last too long!). Now it seems that the internet has yet again taken over. We now ‘stream’ our music on our computers, mobile phones or tablet devices. Things have changed a lot, but music will always remain to be a great memory trigger.

There we many other gadgets and devices we could have looked at! Who remembers the gadget that would be used to print your debit card details on to the back of a cheque? Or what about VCRs or overhead projectors.

We have found this fun to look back and remember some of these things! We hope you have enjoyed it too!

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