Have you planned to get your flu jab?

Have you planned to have your flu vaccination yet?


So it is the summer still and we are enjoying the sunshine and nicer weather this time of year brings.


But it isn’t too soon to start thinking about this year’s flu vaccination. You see, we tend to think about the flu vaccine as being a winter virus. However, it can start to really take hold as early as October.


It also takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to build up immunity in your body so it isn’t too early to start thinking about getting booked in.


How does the vaccine work?


You are injected with a weakened version of the influenza virus. This gives your body a very mild dose of the virus so it can begin to build antibodies against the virus.


Why is it so important this year to get your vaccination?


The last couple of years, we haven’t been able to be around others in the way we normally would due to the pandemic. This meant there was actually a much lower number of people getting flu which also meant there were fewer people being hospitalised with it.


However, this then means that our immune systems won’t be as ready to fight the virus if we were to get it this year. So it has never been more important to get your vaccine.


Is the vaccine free?


For those aged 65 or over can go and get their vaccine right away for free. However, from 15th October 2022, adults aged 50-64 are also eligible for a free flu vaccine. This is great news and means a much higher percent of the population will be eligible for a free vaccination.


There is also a long list of health issues that can make you eligible for a free vaccination if you are under 50. You can check your eligibility at NHS.UK.


How do I get my flu vaccine?


If you are eligible for a free flu jab, get in touch with your doctors’ surgery and get booked in to the flu jab clinic. It’s as simple as that.


We need to protect ourselves and our loved ones and prevent the number of people getting very poorly from the flu vaccine. So if you haven’t thought about it yet, take some time today to get booked in.