Support for fallers at Nottingham On Call

It is a sad fact of life that some people will have a fall and as a result require medical treatment or even end up in hospital. Factors such as age, frailty, disability can increase the chances of having a fall.

Nottingham On Call offers a wide range of equipment options to support someone with a falls risk to help keep them safe whether in the home or out and about. 

Some of the equipment aims to prevent a fall happening in the first place. Whilst some equipment will alert when a fall has occurred in order to reduce the time a person is on the floor

There are a number of factors that should be considered to ensure that any equipment supports the user as intended:

  • Do they live on their own or have someone in the home to support them?
  • Do they fall at night or during the day?
  • Where are they at greatest risk of falling? In the house? If so, which room?
  • What factors might be increasing the falls risk? For example: poor medication compliance.
  • How are they likely to fall – is it a hard fall or more of a slump?
  • Are they likely to knock themselves out when having a fall or sustain a head injury and be unresponsive?
  • How likely is it that the person will wear and/or correctly use the equipment provided for them?
  • Are they prescribed medication which if not take may affect their mobility?

Nottingham on Call has a wide range of solutions which can support people at risk of falling. Either to try and prevent a fall happening in the first place, or to quickly raise an alert and get help when someone has fallen. Some of the equipment is linked to our 24/7 monitoring and response centre, whilst some equipment can support in the home.

A falls prevention option can be as simple as providing a motion sensing light which automatically lights up when the user is close by, for example to prevent a fall in a dark hallway.

To get help quickly when a fall has occurred we have wrist or neck worn falls detectors, as well as a range of other devices, like our GO mobile alarm with built in falls detector.

For further information or advice and guidance on which equipment would be the best to support you or someone you care for please contact Nottingham on Call Assistive Technology team on 0115 7469010 or