Do you know about the digital switchover?

Have you gone digital yet?

2025 digital switchover

Did you know that by 2025 all traditional analogue telephone lines will be switched off and will have moved over to digital networks?

There are a couple of reasons for why this is happening. Firstly, the skilled people with the knowledge to maintain analogue are now in short supply and on top of that, the components needed to operate analogue are no longer available and so it is time to move on.

The move will gradually happen over the next couple of years to ensure the country’s communication infrastructure stays up to date.

What will this mean for Nottingham On Call customers? 

The current analogue care alarm is reliant on your power supply at home. If there is a power cut, the current care alarm has a battery life of up to 8 hours to ensure your device still works.

Once the switchover happens, the care alarm will need to be plugged into an internet router which will rely on a power supply and currently internet routers do not have a reserve battery so this would be a problem if there was a power cut.

So what is the answer?

So to avoid the need to rely on any phone line or power supply, we now have digital care alarms. These work from an inbuilt SIM card, a little bit like a mobile phone. This is how it will connect to our call centre and raise an alert when needed.

It looks very similar to the analogue devices but the digital version has many benefits despite being slightly more expensive:

  • Because the digital alarm isn’t reliant on a phone line, it can be plugged in closer to the user just using a normal plug socket.
  • There are no call charges with a digital alarm unlike the analogue. Analogue alarms add call charges to the customer’s phone bill. If they spend a while on a call to our call centre then this can really add up on their phone bill. All call costs are absorbed in the weekly digital care plan with the digital alarms.
  • The digital calls are made much quicker to our call centre than calls from an analogue device meaning help can be arranged quicker.


 The sooner you switch the better so get in touch today and we can arrange for you to switch from analogue to digital and can help with the process.

Call us on 0115 746 9010.