COVID-19 – a good news story at last!

They seem few and far between when you switch on the news right now. As the world grapples with the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the news is pretty grim. We are becoming used to hearing about the extremely sad news of people passing away from the disease. People of all ages are losing their battle with COVID-19. Some without any underlying health conditions which makes it even more concerning.

At times like this any form of good news is welcome. We want to bring you some of that good news right now!

Rita Reynolds lives in Bramhall in Stockport. She is 99 years old and is approaching her 100th birthday soon. She is a Great Grandmother and very much loved by her whole family.

But on 25th March, Rita fell ill with the Coronavirus and the whole family understandably feared the worst.

She was at her Care Home in Stockport when she fell ill with the disease. Her family were told to prepare for the worst and Rita was put on end of life care. She deteriorated dramatically and Rita’s family couldn’t see her coming back from this.

What a lady!

Rita who was is a former Women’s Air Force Driver survived the blitz. She tells how she hid under the kitchen table and read a book at the age of 21 when a bomb landed outside her home in Liverpool. She refused to go in the air raid shelter as she wanted to read her book!

This remarkable lady has been through a lot and is clearly a fighter! As the family were coming to terms with losing their wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, something amazing happened. Rita began to show signs of improvement. She fought against the disease and is now fully recovered and been given the all clear.

Her family has jokingly put it down to her love of marmalade sandwiches. ‘All she ever wants to eat is marmalade sandwiches, biscuits and cakes! We think that is what got her through!”

Rita is now due to celebrate her 100th birthday in July and we all wish her well and a very Happy Birthday. It is lovely to hear such heart warming stories at times like this.

Please continue to stay home as much as you can, stay safe and help protect the NHS so they can continue to save lives like Rita’s.