Don't switch off your care device-it costs less than you think to run

As we all know, energy prices are on the rise across the whole of the UK. These price increases are impacting everyone, especially at this time of year when we are using more heating and electricity during the Winter months.

To help save energy and money we look at what we can turn off to save energy and rising bills. Over the past few months we have seen more and more of our customers turning off plugs that are charging their care alarms and keeping them active.

If your care devices are switched off, we won’t be notified if you press your pendant alarm or your personal GO! device.

We would hate for this to be the case because our aim is to be there for you and help you receive the support you need. This is why it is vital you leave your devices plugged in.

We have done some calculations for you to work out the amount it costs to keep

Our Seven base care unit that is in your home and is the device that we use to speak to you if you press your pendant alarm requires being plugged in.

It has a charging and discharging cycle due to the battery and taking all of this into account, plus including one alert activation per month, it uses on average 1kWh every 90 days. Based on average energy prices in the UK, it will cost about 11p a month to run. This equates to just 2.6p a week. It is a tiny cost to keep you safe in your home so please leave your base unit plugged in and switched on.

The GO! personal device that can go out and about with you needs charging every so often. On average it uses 1kWh every 150 days. Again, based on average energy prices in the UK, it will cost about 6.8p a month to run or 1.58p a week.

These costs are very small to keep that peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Please don’t be tempted to unplug or switch of your care devices.

Remember, if you have a fall or take ill, you can press your pendant or GO! and we will speak to you to see if we can assist you in getting the support you need, if the devices aren’t charged or are switched off, we can’t do this. It’s a small cost to keep you safe.