Care alarms pressed 405,000 times in Notts in 2019

We’ve been looking back on how our care alarms have been used over the past year.

Our Nottingham-based call centre has been so busy handling calls from our customers. In fact, during 2019 we received over 405,000 calls – that’s 1,149 every day!

When Nottingham on Call customers press their care alarms this sends a call straight through to our contact centre.

Every call is important to us. Some calls require an urgent response and these are highlighted as ‘critical calls’. In 2019 we received 10,612 critical calls – that’s 30 received every day.

We called on the support of 6,532 ambulances during 2019, to give immediate care and support to those who press their care alarms.

Even with such a large volume of calls, we get help to our customers quickly. Over 91% of critical calls were answered within 30 seconds and 98% were answered within 60 seconds. These stats are well above industry standards and targets.

Fred Brimble of Top Valley, Nottingham, is one of our customers. He describes his care alarm as his ‘lifeline’. He said: “Without this (care alarm), I don’t know where I’d be. I have had to press it a few times, when I’ve had a dizzy spell, or when I’ve not been well, and there’s always someone there. It’s marvellous. Honestly, this thing is my lifeline and I couldn’t do without it.”

If you think you, or your loved one would benefit from using our care alarms, please give us a call to find out more. Or there’s lots more information on what we do, and the packages available on this website – just click here.