Business is back to a new normal

Business is back to a ‘new’ normal and we want to talk you through a few things we have put in place to keep you all safe. As things begin to change across the country we wanted to communicate some information with all of our existing customers and any new customers. Keep reading to find out how we are supporting the community of Nottingham.

As we moved into week-nine of lockdown, the Government eased some lockdown rules. We want to assure you that our on call service has been operating throughout the crisis, and is still operating at full capacity.

Throughout the lockdown we have continued to be on call 24/7 for our customers. If you have a problem in your home then you can still press your pendant alarm and get instant support from our team. This is, and will always be the case, so please be assured that you are safe and supported.

What has changed?

During this unprecedented time we have introduced a new service called self installation.

This means you can now get one of our care packages in your home by installing it yourself. We have made this process really simple for you. We have pre-programmed the device before we send it out to you. This means that once you receive it, it is a case of plugging it in, testing it works and then you’re set up! We include really clear instructions to help you with this. If you have any problems, we are on the end of the phone to assist.

But what if I want someone to come and install it for me?

We have you taken care of don’t worry. We are now able to come out to your home and install any device for you to ensure you are safe at home. However, we have put some new procedures in place to protect you and our staff.

Business is back to a ‘new’ normal. What differences should I expect

  • When you request a home install we will make an initial call to you. We will want to arrange a convenient time for us to come out to install your device. We will also ask some questions regarding your health so please don’t be alarmed. These will be basic triage questions to identify if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • When our team member arrives at your door don’t be surprised to see them wearing a mask and some gloves. This is to protect you and them. However, they will still need to show you their identification which they are trained to do. If for some reason they don’t, please ask to see it before you allow them in your home. If you have any concerns at this point, tell them to wait outside. You can then call us and check with us if this person is definitely one of our team. They will be more than happy to wait.
  • When they enter your home, they will need to remain the recommended two metres away from you at all times. This may mean that they ask you to go in to another room while they install your device.
  • Once your device is installed they will explain from a safe distance anything you need to know about using it.
  • If our team are installing something like a bed sensor, expect them to be wearing overalls as well as masks and gloves. This is again to protect you and them.

Now that business is back to a ‘new’ normal, if you have any questions or concerns about your install visit then do get in touch with us. We want to make sure we can still deliver our full service to you. Our main priority is to keep you safe at home.