Brand new mobile phone and app set to launch

We’re getting ready to launch our brand new mobile phone and app service, which will offer our customers a direct way to alert us if they have a fall, or come into trouble and they are out and about.

Our personal care alarm and monitoring service offers real peace of mind and reassurance to individuals and their families, when the individual is at home. Technology has now advanced to allow us to offer that extra support when you leave the house.

A new smart phone has been designed specifically to work with our personal care alarm and monitoring service.

As well as functioning as a normal smart phone, with a slightly more accessible design, the phone is built with an emergency button on the back. When pressed it can instantly connect the customer to the Nottingham on Call contact centre.

If you already have a smart phone, and don’t want to invest in a new model, there is still an alternative that could serve to help you if you have a fall, or come into trouble, when you’re out and about. We are launching a brand new Nottingham on Call app, which enables you to contact us quickly and directly from your phone, if you need our help.

Both the app and the phone are being offered to help extend our support to you, your family and friends. We know that a lot of our customers who may feel vulnerable living along, still have an active and busy social life, and will often have a walk out on their own.

We hope this extra level of support will help to further reassure you and your family, that Nottingham on Call can always be on hand to help, whenever and wherever you need us.