Adult social care discussed in detail

Nottingham’s DASS group (Directors of Adult Social Services) hosted its AGM this summer. The event brings together the local team from adult social care.

This year saw presentations from practitioners, along with some clips from citizens. The team also heard from colleagues about how they are working differently and achieving great outcomes for their citizens.

They also discussed a new approach and community-led support. This new approach needs time to build and develop. Like anything new, it takes practise. So it’s even more important to share examples of a service’s success at events like the AGM.

With nothing forthcoming to address shortfalls in funding, Nottingham will face real pressures over the next few years. The DASS group will have to look at the best value options for delivering adult social care in challenging times.

Nottingham on Call (NOC) lead, Antony Dixon, talked about how personal care alarm monitoring can support adult social care. The technology they use is evolving all of the time and creating greater chances to help citizens.

Antony used an example of ‘geo-fencing’. NOC has used this technology to enable a young woman with learning difficulties to get out and about without her personal assistant. He spoke about how this gave the young woman the dignity and independence she needs. In reality, all she needed to do was wear something like a fitness tracker.

This shows the power of what Nottingham on Call can do to support the adult social care team, and make a real difference to people’s lives.