A day in the life of a telecare call operator

A day in the life of a telecare call operator is never really the same. Our team at Nottingham on Call works incredibly hard to support all our customers. And all calls are different. 

Sometimes we speak to people in emergency situations and sometimes when they're just lonely and desperate to chat.

Whatever the reason for activating that alarm, a telecare call operator will be there. Always on the other end of the line to provide reassurance, help and a friendly voice. 

Benefits of a local service

A recent newspaper article talks about the day of a telecare call operator working in a national call centre. It refers to a situation where the operator was on the phone with an elderly lady for eight hours, while she waited for an ambulance. This is such a difficult situation, but sadly it is not uncommon.

At Nottingham on Call, we're very proud of our Local Response Service. It is there to make sure our customers are never in the same position as the lady featured in the article. 

We have a fleet of vehicles, which means we can drive out to a customer if they need support in a non-medical emergency.

Sometimes a customer may have fallen and can't get up, but they don't appear to have any injuries. A long wait for an ambulance could mean that the customer becomes unwell as a result of a long wait on the floor.

When one of our telecare call operators alerts the local response team, they are sent straight out.

When we arrive

The first thing we do when we arrive is carry out a basic triage of the customer, to ensure they are not injured. If the customer needs medical assistance, our member of staff will call for an ambulance. At this stage they can highlight a greater need for an ambulance.

However, if the customer is not injured an ambulance is not required. We can then help get them back on their feet and on with their day.

Nottingham on Call's Falls Lifting Service gives staff the ability to help an uninjured faller get up off the ground, safely. Our trained staff use specialist equipment to support a customer to their feet. Once they are in a safe, upright position and ready to walk, we can help them to a chair. We will not leave until the customer is comfortable and reassured.

We strongly believe in the strength of our local response service. Being just down the road from most of our customers, we can be there within half an hour. This can make the difference between a 'bit of a fall' and a hospital stay.