The EVA Digital Alarm

The EVA is a digital base unit that provides 24/7 support at home. It has the option to be self installed with its built in voice guided installation instructions and has up to 80 hours battery life. It has a peripheral range of over 300 metres and so will also work when the wearer is out in the garden.

If the wearer is to fall in the home or garden, they can simply press the personal pendant that is worn around the neck and this will connect them to NOC's call centre. 

The EVA features:

  • Up to 80 hours battery life
  • Optional voice-guided installation
  • Over 300 metres peripheral range and advanced Telecare peripherals – so it will also work in most gardens!
  • You can pair the EVA with the GO pendant alarm, which Chiptech already delivers for NOC. This means that the GO pendant can function as an all-in-one pendant for use both at home and when out in the community.  

EVA digital care alarm

Old lady with EVA

The Eva easily connects to Nottingham On Call's other safety devices which can be really useful for many. For example, if someone is prone to falling, the Eva can be linked with our existing falls detector. This means it would detect if you were to fall in your home or garden and would alert our team.

If you or a loved one lives alone and you think the new Eva would be a benefit then please get in touch with us today and one of our team can answer any questions you might have. 

Call us on 0115 746 9010 or if you prefer you can email on