Your Feedback

We love it when we hear from you, it's what makes our service better.  So we wanted to share some of your feedback, which make us very proud of the service we provide. 

'A big thank you'

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Nottingham on Call as they helped us get my mum set up at home with a pendant care alarm after she had been in hospital. They were so helpful and really good with my mum! Thank you!" - Sarah



'I would have to go into care'

"I can't live here without Nottingham On Call. If I didn't have them I would have to go in to a care home and I don't want to do that. Thank you for being there - Janet"



'Thank you'

"Just want to say thank you to the kind people at Nottingham On Call who stayed on the phone to my Mum until an ambulance arrived. She was so grateful as was very scared and you helped her to feel comforted" - Tony



'Feel safe living alone'

"I have been a customer of Nottingham On Call for years now and they are great. I tell everyone about their services as it makes you feel safe living alone" - John



'I know they are there for me'

"My experience with Nottingham On Call has always been great, I feel safe living on my own because I know they are there for me if I need them. Thank you." - Tony


'I got myself a GO'

"I got myself a GO! Personal alarm and wasn't expecting to have to use it so soon, but when I was out walking back from the shop I fell over and needed to use it to get help. Luckily I wasn't injured but Nottingham On Call Helped me." - Fred



'We are very grateful'

"Nottingham On Call's service has meant my Mum can stay living in her own home rather than go in to a care home. We are very grateful for that." - Sharon



'I would recommend your service'

"I can't thank you enough for being at the end of the line when I need you. I would recommend your service to anyone living alone.." - Sandra



'Couldn't have been any better'

"My mum had a fall over the Christmas period and Nottingham On Call couldn't have been any better. She luckily wasn't badly hurt in the end but they had to call an ambulance and stayed on the phone with her until it arrived. Thank you so much." - Sarah



'Helpful, knowledgeable and polite'

"Everyone I have spoken to and who have attended our home have been amazing, very helpful, knowledgeable, polite and a credit to the company." - Sue