Falls in the home - a new service to help you

We are piloting a project to help people who fall in the home. The Falls Lifting Pilot is being run in partnership with Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group and the Urgent Care Board.

The objective of the pilot is to ensure that Nottingham on Call customers who have had a fall in the home and aren’t injured, can be lifted by a trained member of our team as quickly and safely as possible.


Why did we set up the Falls Lifting pilot?

Currently if we receive an alert from a customer who has had a fall, but is not injured, we have no option but to call the ambulance service to request that they attend.  As the faller is not injured, these calls are not prioritised by the ambulance service. Sadly in this circumstance, waits of up to five hours are not uncommon. This delay can sometimes lead to further complications and is understandably distressing to the individual who has fallen.


What does the new service offer?

Any Nottingham on Call customer who activates their alarm because they have had a fall in the home, will be ‘triaged’ by our expert call handlers. If they say they are not injured, then one of our friendly team will be dispatched to assist the customer with getting back up.

We will usually arrive on site within 15 minutes.  With support from the Urgent Care Board we have purchased state of the art lifting devices. These enable someone who has fallen to be gently lifted back to their feet safely and swiftly, and with the minimum of fuss.

Our fully trained team member will then assess whether any onward referral is required, for example – does that person need a Falls Assessment, to determine their needs?  If we arrive on site and find the customer to be injured, we will then be able to summon emergency help immediately.  This will arrive more quickly as we will be able to provide an accurate description to the ambulance service of the presenting condition.  Expert clinical assistance from NEMS will be at the end of the phone should our operators feel they need a second clinical opinion before lifting someone.

During the course of the pilot we will provide information directly to the Urgent Care Board, to highlight to them the outcomes which have been achieved through the service. This will help the Board to determine whether they will commission a non-medical Falls Lifting Service across the Greater Nottingham area.


How much will it cost?

We believe that the addition of the Falls Lifting service will add further value to the quality offer we provide and it will come at no extra cost to our customers.